equiped by 2 units container handler;
- 1 unit for empty container, can stack up to 5 tier, 20ft/40ft, 7 tons 
- 1 unit for laden container, can stack up to 3 tier, 20ft/40ft, 30 tons
The driver of the equipments is qualified, experienced and licensed.  All tanks will handle carefully and arranged in the yard safely.

The Depot has 8.000 sqm paved, including 1.300 sqm dedicated for laden storage.  It can store about 500 teus empty tank, and 100 teus laden tank. Surrounding by high fence and CCTV and also Security staff; will secure all area for 24 hours.

Handling and Storage

It has 3 x 4 cleaning bays, combine manual high pressure cleaner machine and rotary nozzle (will install shortly), can clean up to 24 tanks per days. Able to clean food grade, chemical and latex. Doing cold and hot water and also with steam cleaning if needed, especially for FG cleaning.

Cleanlines by Unicon, Cimas, Icsb, and others.

Experienced on various testing of isotank, ie:
- Steam pipe test
- Leak test
- Periodic test 2.5 yr
- Periodic test 5 yr

Approved depot by isotank leasing such as Seaco, Exsif, Cronos, Trifleet, and others. Witnesses by class surveyor like BV, DNV

Using 1 unit boiler machine with capacity 1000 kgs, can doing for:
- Steam cleaning
- Melting cargo

The boiler has 2 steam outlets, can doing steam heating for 2 tanks simultaneously.

Able to conduct repair of:
- Cladding
- Frame
- Tank shell
- Refurbish cladding and frame painting

Spare parts are available in store. Mostly imported for gaskets, seals, orings, and tank accessories.

Doing other services which relative with isotank business, asf;
- Trucking
- Tank upgrade / Pickled and Passivated
- Nitrogen blanket (cooperate with 3rd party vendor)
- Transfer cargo
- Flexybag fitting